The secrets of a silk scarf: You get what you pay for

The secrets of a silk scarf: You get what you pay for

"The bitterness of poor quality stays long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." - Benjamin Franklin
Do you know your Twill silk from your Silk Chiffon or your Habotai silk from your Crêpe de Chine? And do you have any idea how a high-end silk scarf comes to be?

High-end silk headscarves are a few of the most identifiable style accessories on the planet, synonymous with names such as Hermès obviously and popular for their renowned status, adaptability and artistry. A high-end silk headscarf can be a work of art however the level of craftsmanship differs and determines the quality of what you buy. However why silk in the first place and which kind of silk is most appropriate for a silk scarf?
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With the growing awareness and interest in shopping and living sustainably, the Buy Less Select Well philosophy has motivated us to question the true value of what we buy and how it's made. As you understand, ethical, Slow Style, and production in England - with all the openness which that entails - are all essential functions of Basma Design's DNA.

Many printed headscarves are produced using computers and makers to develop the styles. And the majority use Twill Silk or Crêpe de Chine, which is much heavier than the great Silk Chiffon used at Basma Design. Instead of devices, I utilize conventional hand drawing techniques and lino prints to include the brilliant colors and patterns to the luxurious silk headscarves. The hand-drawing strategy permits flexibility of style and mono-type print which makes each scarf entirely special. Much like you. If you have actually ever questioned the procedure of making these gorgeous pieces, keep reading! You can even come and meet us and see Basma Design's luxury headscarves at the curated art and design reasonable Handmade Chelsea, next week, from 9th-- 11th November.

Why Silk Chiffon?

Early on, I chose to utilize the really finest silk chiffon for a particular factor. Weaving art with style and translating unique, abstract styles into high-end wearable art, it was clear that just this ultra-lightweight plain-weave silk material would do. Like the canvas, I can highlight abstract, hand-drawn designs on this semi-translucent fabric, while still keeping the texture. Made from securely twisted fibers, silk chiffon drapes well and has a sheer look. It likewise has a bit of stretch and a slightly rough, textured feel, while feeling smoother and more glossy than georgette silk.

This whole procedure, consisting of the printing, takes place in England, which is something our family at Make it British assistances for numerous independent designers. As soon as the artwork has actually been digitally printed onto the silk drape in the factory (usually in Cheshire), the silk is then cut into squares, and seamstresses hand-roll and sew the edges finished with silk thread in a traditional method. This hand-sewn rolled edge is one of the true markers of an authentic Basma Design scarf and will always feature a contrasting color. You can see this actually plainly with the Azurite style featured here with its golden-yellow edge.

Developing one Basma Design headscarf can take a number of months, however, our consumers value the care and quality taken to produce these luxurious devices. Our square headscarves sell for ₤ 275 (the slim scarf is ₤ 160), but when you know the hard work that enters into creating just one headscarf, that price seems more than reasonable. You get what you spend for and shopping knowingly is going shopping carefully.

You may even have seen a few of these scarves in our recent projects in Vogue, Tatler, and CN Visitor. So, tell us, which style is your preferred and why? Ideally, you can see the artistry behind the designs and the true value behind classic luxury.

And one last thing. Please treat your headscarf with love. Silk is a natural protein fiber and any substances containing alcohol will damage the fragile material. Allow fragrance and hairspray to dry entirely prior to using. We recommend our silk scarves are dry cleaned only. Need to you wish to iron your scarf, please use a cool temperature level to avoid harming the silk.

So now you understand the tricks behind a silk headscarf ...

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